Types and Shadows

And many signs, and wonders, and types, and shadows showed he unto them, concerning his coming; and also holy prophets spake unto them concerning his coming; and yet they hardened their hearts, and understood not that the law of Moses availeth nothing except it were through the atonement of his blood.
(Mosiah 3:15)

SCATTERING Joseph of Egypt is sold into slavery by his brothers. The house of Israel is divided. The Israelites are scattered beginning in the days of Rehoboam (930 BC). The Jews are scattered in the days after Christ (70 AD).
GATHERING Joseph rises to power and prepares food against a famine. He gathers his family to Egypt and feeds them during the famine. Joseph Smith, Jr. gathers the Gentiles out of Babylon into the Latter-day Saint church (1830). Brigham Young leads the Saints to the desert where they avoid involvement in the Civil War prophesied by the Prophet Joseph (1847).
BONDAGE When Joseph dies, a new pharoah enslaves the Israelites for 400 years. The Saints enter into financial bondage (Edmunds-Tucker Act of 1887). They are some of the hardest hit by the Great Depression; Utah having the 4th highest unemployment rate in the nation.
DELIVERANCE Moses receives the Priesthood from Jethro and talks with God. Moses gathers the Israelites out from Egypt. The Israelites wander in the desert for 40 years. The Edmunds-Tucker Act is repealed in 1978. The Priesthood is restored. The Saints gather out of Babylon. The Saints wander in the desert.
INHERITANCE Joshua leads the Israelites to the Promised Land. The Saints are led back to Jackson County, Missouri.

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