I started this blog when I was going through an agnostic phase in my life, so some of my earlier posts are tainted with that kind of cynicism. I have since returned to a belief in Jesus Christ and the mission of Joseph Smith, Jr.

As an agnostic, I asked myself one important question, “If there were a God, how could he prove that he was indeed God and not just an advanced extraterrestrial life-form?” You see, most supernatural powers attributed to mythical heroes and villains are quite possible, given advances in science. In fact, we see many of these coming to life in scientific discoveries being made in our time. The one superpower that I’ve found which would be very hard for any alien life-form to fake would be the power to predict the future (prophecy), especially if the predictions could be accurately made thousands of years before their fulfillment. Some may say that an advanced alien life-form could simply “make” the future. While that certainly is possible, if that life-form is to “predict” the future in such a sense over a thousand year timespan, it would need to have either an extremely long lifespan or a special long-term power over the minds of men (DNA mutations?) to ensure its predictions would come to pass. In either case, I want learn from that kind of power. Hopefully the possessor of that power is as benevolent as I suppose him to be.

Joseph Smith made some bold claims. So did Jesus Christ. Their prophecies will ultimately be proven right or wrong. If a prophet’s prophecies have been fulfilled in the past, there is a good possibility that his prophecies may be fulfilled in the future. Joseph Smith had surprisingly accurate prophecies regarding the Civil War and the Gold Rush, which both happened years after his death. Prophecies like these give him credibility as a prophet and give me a great fascination with prophecy and a desire for it in my own life. For Joseph not only claimed to be a prophet, but he also said we all could become prophets if we would receive the Holy Ghost. An excellent talk was given by Apostle David A. Bendar in October, 2010 on this.

You can read it here.

I’ve also written a short article on getting and keeping the Spirit titled “Do You Have the Holy Spirit?

If you’d like to contact me with any questions or comments, you can reach me at my yahoo email address: jpeter1978.


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